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Welcome to ITI, the International Timpani Intensive.

Our mission is to be the premiere international timpani seminar, broadcasted to all continents.

Our inaugural Intensive will be held at Rice University from June 9th - June 14th and feature our world class Faculty Artists.

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Our 2024 Faculty Artists.

Our world-class faculty imparts the knowledge needed to refine orchestral and solo timpani playing, bringing your potential to the highest level, while creating a global community of musical excellence.

The International Timpani Intensive

ITI | Houston TX | Rice University

If you're an aspiring or professional timpanist, or simply a lover of classical music and timpani, you're in the right place! The ITI Team is excited to get to know you soon.

Here's what we do:

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ITI is based on a simple, yet powerful idea:

celebrating our individual playing styles in a community forum will make us all better musicians.



We will host 8 masterclasses presented by our International Faculty. Topics will include technique, repertoire, sound production, and more.


Mock Audition

All in-person Participants are invited to participate in the ITI Mock Audition. The Winner will be placed on the Houston Symphony sublist and be guaranteed a performance with the orchestra.


Video Livestream and Replay Library

All of the ITI Masterclasses will be livestreamed. You can purchase a pass and watch with us from anyone in the world! All Participants, Auditors, and Virtual Attendees will have access to all recordings for 30 days after ITI ends.


Private Lessons

Every in-person Participant of ITI will receive one private lesson during the intensive. Optionally, there will be opportunities for Participants and Auditors to take additional private lessons, subject to availability.


International Faculty

With every year we host ITI, it is our aim to have at least one international faculty member from outside the United States. We're honored to have Nick Woud joining us this year! Our mission is to celebrate diverse musical styles and techniques.


Inspiration, Exposure, and Motivation

At the heart of ITI is our passion for helping timpanists develop their craft and further their career. We envision current and future generations of timpanists attending ITI year after year as they share their own knowledge and experience, furthering the over all contributions of timpanists playing in ensembles all over the world.

Win the ITI mock and
play timpani with the Houston Symphony, guaranteed.

Read on to learn about all details of ITI, including the schedule, housing, parking, airports, and much more!

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